In a court of law, if there are two or three collaborating testimonies to a fact, such fact is thereby established.  When it comes to the resurrection of Jesus and His personal promise to indwell His life giving Spirit into everyone who believes in Him, calling out to Him, there are not two or three witnesses but millions that all fully testify to experiencing this same new life with Jesus, as He promised.

The greater question is not really can I have new life now and forever in Jesus, but rather will I humble myself to acknowledge my need for Jesus to forgive me and yield my life to Him.  Millions have!  And without exception, all that have sincerely called out to Jesus for His forgiveness and asked Him to come into their life, they all testify that He has done just that, and given them new life and assurance of eternal life with Him.

Here are just a few that testify to their life changing soon as they called out to Jesus.  (Testimonies coming soon.)

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